This week we interviewed Alexis, who is the passion and energy behind the Boston-based Unique Weddings by Alexis. She plans elaborate, gorgeous weddings for her clients. Keep reading for some tips about planning, along with her dream wedding!
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à deux: Explain in detail what you do and the importance of it.
Alexis: I am a full service wedding planner dedicated to creating a memorable one-of-a-kind experience that flawlessly captures each couple’s very personal aspirations and unique style. I custom design each wedding I work on to make the event look and feel like the couple. The expertise and guidance I offer to my clients makes their planning process stress-free and much more enjoyable than handling all their planning and details on their own.

à deux: What is your company mission?
Alexis: Our goal is not only to smoothly execute stunning weddings, but also to create an enjoyable experience for our clients during this exciting time of their lives. We strive to make our clients feel enthusiastic about their plans, yet relaxed and stress free during this process.

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à deux: What are your top three tips for brides just starting the planning process?
Alexis: 1. Take the time to just enjoy being engaged!
2. Do not stress the small stuff. The details are important to the couple, but most of the time, the guests do not know when something goes wrong. So relax and enjoy your wedding day because if the guests see you having fun, they will have fun too.
3. Pick your priorities for the wedding. Know what is the most important details for you so you can focus more of your attention and budget in those areas.

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à deux: How does stationery tie into wedding planning?
Alexis: Invitations set the tone! Save the dates and invitations tell so much about the couple – their styles, their likes and a lot of their personalities. Once the design of the wedding is created and showcased  in the invitation, I design the rest of the wedding details around those colors and features. And I absolutely love using the wedding day paper items to complete the desired look and feel and to tie the entire event together.

à deux: On a typical day in the office, what are some of your most-used tools?
Alexis: iMac, MacBook Pro, email!, Illustrator and Photoshop, iPhone, Pantone color swatch book, clients’ three-ring binder.

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à deux: If you could plan a wedding for anyone in the world, whose would it be?
Alexis: Our preference would be to work with a couple that had an unlimited budget, but was completely unknown. Then my attention could be solely on the wedding details, not on security detail or confidentiality agreements.

Alexis, thank you so much for talking with us! We love your work and it’s always a pleasure working with you and your team.

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