Reina is Maximiliano Sproviero’s newest project, and it’s definitely our font crush this week.

A little history behind it:

“…inspired by many calligraphy and typography masters of our past such as Didot, Bodoni and the incredible Herb Lubalin, its aim was to incorporate the decorative accolades from blackletter and copperplate styles of calligraphy into a Modern Roman typeface.”

What I admire about Reina was that it was designed to be playful and formal at the same time. If none of its alternates aren’t included, it is a useful typeface for short to medium length texts. But, when using its open-type decorative glyphs, it works perfectly for headlines or call out text (think: your names on a wedding invitation!) =)

Another cool part of the Reina font family is that it includes an “engraved” version, which can be great for couples’ whose wedding’s are taking more of a ‘vintage’ spin around the block. Also, those of you who like the vintage movie poster invites? This is your font. Talk to your stationer about it!

Happy Friday!

P.S. Kelli’s baby is here! But she’ll write more on that later, when she’s had a little time to sleep =)


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