We interrupt our regularly scheduled Tuesday (stationery) Trends for a post that caters more to my early morning sweet tooth. =)

I’m getting married in August, so lately I’ve been perusing the internet Pinterest to find inspiration for cake and cupcake decorating ideas. Which brings us right to our Tuesday Trend: elaborate cake tables. This is all I’m finding! Apparently, if you only have that one usual wedding cake at your wedding, you are sooooo not cool. Cake tables these days are not just for the cake! They do house the cake (duh), but also that tray of cupcakes, and maybe a bowl of macaroons, or a platter of cake pops, and perhaps some healthy fruit. Add in a plate of small, munch-able cookies and a few vases of flowers and you’re all set to go. Take a look:

I think they are beautiful. It seems like cake tables are turning into a centerpiece of the reception, a conversation starter. No longer is the cake sitting in the corner waiting for it’s moment to shine when the newlyweds cut it. It’s front and center. And I think that’s really cool.


Happy Tuesday! And sorry about the possibility of igniting your sweet tooth. I’d offer you something, but they haven’t figured out how to send real food over the internet yet.


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