Maybe it’s because we work with type every day, but we agree that including vintage typography details into your wedding day is a great little way to show personality. How? Read on.

At your reception, set up a lemonade stand (or candy table, or photobooth) with signage that looks like it’s straight from old America. Or, if you love a higer-end version of type, find vintage chairs whose details include screen printed letters for that old Victorian charm. You can also find large 3D letters to add to the decor, but make sure those letters are the first of each of your names! (Old antique fairs like Brimfield in Massachusetts are jack pots for details like this). Lastly, and our favorite, is working with your stationer to design an invitation that uses classic yet funky typefaces to display your personalities.

We know that vintage typography details are a definite trend. How would you (or have you) used them in your wedding?

Have a great Tuesday!


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