Those Argentinians know how to draw beautiful type and Parfait Script Pro is no exception. It takes its inspiration from Spencerian script and pointed brush lettering, two styles of writing (or of drawing letters, a calligrapher would say), that the designer successfully combined into this lush flowing beauty.

Like another favorite Aphrodite Slim, Parfait was designed by Maximiliano R. Sproviero. And with more than 850 glyphs, the possibilities seem nearly infinite. I love that the font is very calligraphic but has enough structure to keep it legible. Just look at these numbers!

Digital type has come a long way in representing the fine detail that goes into hand calligraphy. And while there will never be a complete substitute for putting pen and ink on paper by hand, fonts like Parfait come delightfully close.

What do you think? Is Parfait Script Pro a good one for wedding invitations or overly ornate?

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