As you can imagine, I get a lot of email. Some of it goes directly into the trash, some gets archived for later and some jump out at me and stick in my head. The most recent “sticky” email came from Carats & Cake, an online destination for real wedding photos, real advice, local inspiration and vendor reviews.

à deux is in the vendor directory and I get weekly, business-related emails from them. Part of this week’s message resonated with me and reminded me of a core mission I had when I started my business.

It’s essential to know what you stand for and what differentiates you in the market. This is your secret sauce. It’s what you get paid for and what makes you stand out from everybody else. It’s the special something that entices clients to hire you over another equally talented and qualified individual.

I work hard to make sure this “thing” is clearly communicated throughout my brand, social media and the work itself, so that I can attract the right clients AND make the right decisions for my business. I know that I can’t be everything to everyone; what I do isn’t right for every couple. And I’m ok with that. Ultimately I have to ask myself a hard question:

Do I want à deux to be known for doing one thing amazing or for doing lots of things well?

Trust me; it’s work in progress and I’d really like to hear what my clients have to say. Why did you hire me over somebody else. It will provide me with some insight into what engaged couples value and what they are willing to pay for.

If you haven’t already, please check out Carats & Cake. They are creating an interesting online wedding planning destination that is as visually stunning as it is useful.


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