Hi à deux readers! I, Stephanie, got married on August 12th! It was a really amazing day, and that’s definitely an understatement!

The morning of our wedding I woke up at the crack of dawn and promptly gathered our three rings and did a 5 minute photo shoot with them. 2 chocolate chip scones acted as breakfast and after that, I went back to sleep for an hour. So normal.

After hair and makeup, more food, and driving to the venue, me and my girls got our dresses on. And mine? Was lucky enough to be hanging on this pretty thing!

The gals and I had a little time to relax (if you can say that) before the ceremony in this little rustic cabin, so my sister (aka: my MOH) grabbed my camera and took this picture of me. I really like it!

Those of you have gotten married know that the wedding day can be a blur. But you also know that other specific moments get so engraved into your brain it’s like you could write a whole book about them. One of those moments was walking down the short little isle towards my future husband who could not for the life of him keep his tears inside his eyes. I’ve only ever seen him cry three times, and once had been earlier that afternoon at our first look. So seeing him cry while I walked toward him (the whole time staring him straight in the eyes saying “it’s okay, babe!”) had my heart beating so fast! I couldn’t believe it was actually happening!

This is Contookook Lake, in New Hampshire. Our venue, the Woodbound Inn, has property along the lake and it was the perfect spot for our ceremony!

Nate & I wrote each other letters to read before the vows. Each letter was a complete surprise and definitely the best part of the whole ceremony for me. We were both in our own little world (a world full of happy tears) and I kind of forgot there were tons of people listening. Andddddd I’m pretty sure my plan to make ALL of our guests cry worked. =)


And then we stole away into the small rustic cabin I hung out in before the ceremony and hugged each other for like probably 7 straight minutes, and then we had an awesome rest of the day (another understatement). I didn’t take many blog-worthy pictures during the reception because I was catching up with all my friends and family! But to see more you can visit our photographer Alyse French’s blog here.

And for our honeymoon (that Nate kept a surprise from me until the morning we left!)? We went to Kaua’i for a whole week! It was amazing! This is a picture from the luau we went to =)

Thanks for reading!


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