A bride recently asked me about tracking unnamed RSVPs. “Despite the explicit instruction on the card to fill in the name of the guest, some people return that without it completed. What do you do?” My favorite modern etiquette maven Jodi R. R. Smith has a tip:

Occasionally, guests — in their excitement to reply — will for to include their name on the response card. An old hostess trick can help. Assign each guest a number on your master list at home. Then, in pencil, on the back of each response card, ever so lightly write the number that corresponds to the guest to whom that card is going. That way, if a guest forgets to include his or her name or meal preference, you have a way of knowing whose card has been returned.

You could also use the guest’s return address as a way to confirm who is responding.

Check out Jodi’s book “The Etiquette Book: A Complete Guide to Modern Manners.” It’s one of my go-to- guides.

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