“Send me your pricing and, if I’m interested, I will contact you.”

Sometimes these one-liners pop into my inbox from potential clients and I usually reply that “I’d be happy to give you more information on our prices and services, I just need a little more information about your wedding.” If I don’t hear back, it’s probably for the best.

Trust me, I GET IT. The budget-conscious couple do everything they can to make sure we’re worth their money. They have to because they need to be sure they’re spending what they have wisely. In contrast, some brides assume a high price tag automatically means high quality. They want the most expensive vendor out there only because they’re more expensive.

Shopping price makes a lot of sense in a shaky economy and, when you’re looking for vendors, you want to narrow the choices. A lot of times, money dictates the choices for you. A shopper recently asked for our prices before choosing another stationer. When I asked why she chose Brand X she said, “You’re obviously the Lexus of wedding invitations. We’re looking for a Hyundai.”

There is an unbreakable universal law we all know but like to disregard: you get what you pay for. The people who eliminate us based on price can’t fully appreciate all that à deux has to offer: the years of experience, time spent with clients, value of the products and service, etc. The brides who schedule appointments have the budget to afford me and are serious about booking my services.

Anyone can be creative on a “sky’s the limit” budget; it is the truly brilliant than can do it at a reasonable price. Does that mean à deux is inexpensive? No. But our prices aren’t stratospheric either. à deux delivers exceptional quality every time at prices that make sense (not just cents {wink}).

Working with people who truly appreciate the thought and effort that goes into making them happy, regardless of the cost, is why I do what I do.


Dear colleagues: The always-excellent Sean Low recently wrote about  pricing transparency on his blog “The Business of Being Creative.”

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