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I’d heard that prominent families, grand politicians and other illustrious types consult with Olivier de Sercey for just the right engraved card or paper to represent their status. Weddings, baby announcements and party invitations are also a specialty.

Unlike his daughter Sofia who has her calling cards created at Benneton, Francis Ford Coppola has his personal letterhead done here. I triple checked the hours and made a special trip to Rue de Bac to check out Monsieur de Sercey’s work for myself. Imagine my disappointment to find it closed when it should have been open. The shop was dark and empty and the knob on the door had even been removed.

I was relegated to peering through the glass at all of the lovely examples. Comme c’est triste!

Overall, my trip to France proved to be quite inspiring but I’m sad to say that Paris is not super into paper outside of the traditional things. Most of the stationery is generally plain and very conservative, though of extremely high quality. There’s not too much “design” when it comes to paper goods, unless you count spectacularly cheesy illustrations.

The French do so many other things REALLY well, I don’t think I’ll hold this against them.

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