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Across the Seine in the Marais neighborhood, I found an entire street lined with paper stores: Rue du Pont Louis Phillipe in the 4th arrondissement. Unfortunately, only two were open.

Papier Plus sells solely stationery and has been creating merchandise since 1976 in a wide array of colors. Not only are notebooks and diaries on offer, but the portfolios and boxes also deserve a special mention. All the papers come in various structures, shapes and sizes. The colors are sometimes bright, and you can even get blank sheets custom made! The shop’s stark, conservative lines contrasted nicely with all of the colors of paper, pencils and pens.

Across the street from Papier Plus and located next door to an antique musical instrument shop (also closed) — Melodies Graphiques called to me. In this elegant boutique is filled with old fashioned quills, thick cream-colored notepaper, slim cahiers with vintage school book-inspired covers, and handmade cards and party invitations. Buttery leather-bound journals in all colors fight for space with wax seals, framed calligraphy and delicate japanese-style notebooks, not to mention the deep pile of wrapping paper imported from Florence at the very back of the store. You may already know this but I LOOOVE Florentine paper, so I just had to pick up a few (ok, more than necessary) rolls while I was there.

Next stop: Olivier de Sercy.

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