Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. I know it sounds cliché but time truly does fly when you’re enjoying life. It doesn’t feel like so much time has elapsed.

We met in 2002, a whopping 12 years ago. I remember so many details from that night like it happened last year. This is a photo of me and a friend at the party where I met Andy.

that fateful night

It was a fun night that ended with me giving him a ride home from the party. We’ve been together pretty much ever since. In that time, we moved from upstate New York to Denver to Boston. We’ve traveled a ton, pursued our work dreams and had a beautiful baby girl. Nine years in and we still like each other.

As a custom wedding stationer, I talk to recently engaged couples all the time. While I’m getting to know them, they often ask about the secret to a successful marriage. I won’t pretend I know the absolute answer but I know what works for us. Communication, flexibility, love and respect are the foundations. We laugh a lot, we go on dates, we say “I love you” at least once every day. We try not to take each other for granted.

Life gets messy, boring and stressful. All marriages have times when they are stronger or when they feel anemic. In the toughest times, couples need to remember why they got together in the first place. All of this might sound ordinary but the simple, little things really do make a difference.

Poet Robert Browning put the secret to lasting couples in a nutshell: “Success in marriage is more than finding the right person: It is BEING the right person.” I work hard on that every single day.

On to the next 9 years …


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