new love stampsnew love stamps

As you can imagine, I spend more time than most thinking about postage. The U.S. Postal Service issues new stamps all the time and I’m usually trying to find pretty ones to complement the wedding stationery I design.

They’re usually pretty boring but these new vintage-inspired beauties are really nice. These tiny pieces of fine art feature an elaborate floral line drawing of a tulip and a rose. The drawings are details from engraved plates originally created by naturalist artist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717).

A small, deep crimson heart on each stamp brings a dash of color to the designs and makes them a natural pair. These stamps were printed using the intaglio printing technique, a version of traditional engraving. When you touch the stamps, you can feel the raised texture of the ink. Fancy!

As a universal symbol of love and devotion, a rose and tulip add a sentimental touch to correspondence and can be used for wedding RSVP cards and thank-you notes. The 70¢ tulip stamp can be used to accommodate the weight of heavy invitations and mailings such as small gifts that require extra postage. Also, these are the correct postage to use for square envelopes.


Another addition to the USPS wedding series is from one of my graphic design idols, Jessica Hische. Lacy lettering in the shape of a heart spells out the word “Forever” on two stamps. One design features red lettering on a white background; the other is reversed, with white lettering on a field of red. The red and white color scheme works well with other colors and adds a timeless feel to the design, which resembles filigree.

Custom stamps are, on average, three times more expensive than the ones offered by the postal service. If that’s not in your budget, I think these make beautiful alternatives to the extra cost of going custom, don’t you?


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