Kelli R. Parker, photo by Kate McElwee

Underwhelmed. That’s how I felt after weeks of looking through wedding invitation catalogs in preparation for my own nuptials. Boring paper, cliché graphics, minimal effort. It all looked the same. Isn’t the stationery for one of life’s biggest events supposed to be “special?” In desperation, I designed my own invitations and got unexpected rave reviews.

When friends and family came to me with similar complaints about the mainstream invitation offerings, I designed their stationery as heartfelt wedding gifts. Then the phone started ringing and it hasn’t stopped. When I decided to start my own design studio, I vowed to be different.

There shouldn’t be any limit to what’s possible.
Your invitations shouldn’t be like anyone else’s
and I am on a mission to make sure
wedding stationery isn’t ever generic.

With a background in journalism, art and business, and more than 15 years of experience as an editor and graphic designer, I love weddings, paper, tiny boxes, silk charmeuse, haiku, many shades of purple, peonies and the way new babies smell. I have a bad habit of doing way more than is required and obsessing over the tiniest details.

Photo courtesy of the fabulous Kate McElwee Photography