I’m not afraid to admit that I am a creative perfectionist. My passion is creating the unforgettable and doing more than is expected. I think that shows, not only in the work but in the reactions I get from people about the work.

Am I bragging? No (well, maybe a little). Thoughtful details are the difference between a great piece of stationery and one that wedding guests will never forget. I really believe there shouldn’t be any limit to what’s possible.  Your wedding invitations shouldn’t be like anyone else’s.  And, through à deux, I’m on a mission to make sure wedding stationery isn’t ever generic.

We are trying to create a new standard in wedding stationery. We fill our lives with so much mass-produced mediocrity that it’s easy to forget what true service and quality really are. With that comes constant improvement. I want the process to be better all the time. Better, faster, more intuitive (cue theme song to the “6 Million Dollar Man”). Feedback is so important to me and to this business.

Tell me: how can I make working with à deux better?

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