Regular readers know Stephanie as my hard-working design assistant. She blogs for à deux, updates the Facebook page, tweets, takes product photos, answers email and occasionally answers the phone. She’s my right-hand woman and I’m lucky to have her. When she and her beau got engaged this winter, I was excited about the design possibilites of their wedding stationery.

Stephanie doodles … a lot. Her doodle style is very curly and freeform. She likes color and prefers mix-and-match over matchy-matchy but she’s also not overly particular. We went through a few iterations of the design before we landed at something that made her happy and still kept Nate’s manly preferences in mind.

A bordered monogram adds a touch of formality. The font Carolyna complements the design’s leafy doodles while Perpetua provides some classic balance for the non-display text. The overall design suits the couple’s casual style while still hinting at the importance of such a special occasion. I really enjoyed creating this suite for them as a loving wedding gift.

Congratulations Stephanie and Nate! Thank you for all you do. I can’t wait to hear about Nate’s honeymoon surprise.

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