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Today’s wedding vendor interview is with a dear friend and fellow stationery-lover, Megan Chapin! She’s a calligrapher in the Boston area, and we have had the pleasure of working with her many times. Read on for some interesting information on the art of calligraphy!


à deux: Please explain what you do, and the importance of it.

Megan Chapin: I am a calligrapher; the importance of it is that it is done by hand, by a real person. It can be modified to fit unique situations or evoke many feelings. And the best part, it can be completely customized.

à deux: What is your company mission?

Megan Chapin: My mission is to bring lovely letters to my clients! Adding elegance and style, personal touches to a wedding or custom piece. And to make my clients feel special. I’ve been told by many clients, that having the envelopes addressed was the favorite thing they did for their wedding. First because everything came out beautiful and second, because I was on time, pleasant, organized and they had a great experience working with me. That is what really makes me happy. I always say: Invite your guests the way YOU would want to be invited!

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à deux: What is your favorite project to work on and why?

Megan Chapin: Really, I enjoy addressing envelopes because I find it relaxing. But I also really enjoy when a client comes to me looking for something outside-the-box. Getting those creative juices flowing is a lot of fun…and we’ve come up with some great stuff!

à deux: Are you seeing any stationery trends this year?

Megan Chapin: I’ve noticed over the last few years that double envelopes have gone by the wayside…it is rather rare that I get more the 3 or 4 of those jobs a year. Letterpress is HUGE. The traditional invite is quite often passed up to do something that is fitting with couple, less formal and more fun. Funky lettering or invites with many different letter fonts combined together are being created. Everyone wants a unique invitation. Chevron patterns, antlers, bright colors are all seen all over these days. Couples are using hand lettering in a lot of the designs! (yay me!)

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à deux: What’s in your studio and what are your most-used tools?

Megan Chapin: In my studio I have many different pens, inks, paper, watercolor, gouache, my light box, many boxes filled with envelopes to be addressed – And my favorites: lots of bright sunshine and of course, my cat, who loves paper as much as me. 🙂 What I use most is my pointed pen and sumi ink which is a black Chinese ink that, when it dries, it is waterproof. It is great for addressing envelopes because I never have to worry about them getting ruined if a bit of rain gets on them.

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à deux: And just for fun: If you could only draw one letter for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Megan Chapin: Mmmmm…that is a tough one. I guess I don’t really have a favorite, but my least favorite is X… I’m never, ever satisfied at how they turn out. To the average person its probably fine, to me they always need tweaking.


Thank you Megan for being part of our vendor interview series! We love working with you!



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