Layers and textures. Just layers. Just textures. Mostly layers, a little textures… However it may be done, we’re glad! Both of these elements add fine detail and intrigue to any invitation suite. Take a look at some of our favorites:

Letter-pressed words are great, but if you want to go beyond that, for a more overall textured look, you can try different natural textures such as sand or wood grain. These are very detailed and feel oh-so-perfect when handling your paper.Textures aren’t limited to letter-pressing. Adding lace to the edges of your invite or securing your suite together with a pretty textured paper can be nice touches and will add dimension as well.

Layering invitation papers can be a nice touch (and we do this a lot at à deux). Like the yellow and white invitations, these layers will create a border of color. Instead of just a white invitation, you can add a patterned or colored background paper, or maybe even both! It’s nice to have that pretty border, and also to have a thicker, more substantial invitation. It gives people more of a reason to keep it forever, because it’s special, rather than just one piece of potentially disposable paper.

Does that make sense? Anyways, how have you seen layers and textures used in a cool way? Will you share with us? Thanks!

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