From a recent email:

“I love stationery and have been having a tough time finding “the invitation” … it says a lot about the mood of the wedding, as much as “the dress” BUT, it’s also just paper, and unfortunately, my guests are more than likely going to toss it in the trash once the wedding is over.”

Other things that are just paper: your favorite books, cash money, a hard-earned diploma. What it’s made of doesn’t make it disposable.

Will the dress get tossed after the wedding? You probably won’t need that again. Is your wedding “just another day” on the calendar?

Preparing for a wedding is an exciting time like no other in your life. Ideally, you only do it once and it’s likely to be the biggest party you will ever throw. Your friends and family are  sharing your wedding with you and some WILL save keepsakes, including their invitation to your special day.

At my wedding, one of our guests collected as much ephemera from the day as she could: program, placecard, menu, table number, centerpiece flowers … etc. I found out later she made a scrapbook and included all of the pieces, including the save the date and the invitation. She created a lasting memory that she can share with others and it was made of “just paper.”

No, not everyone will cherish your stationery but that’s not a good reason to not send out something nice. Welcome your guests to share in the occasion. Send them something they’ll WANT to keep. Your wedding paper doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. It should reflect you and your betrothed, and the spirit of the day.

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