We live in a time when the wording on your wedding invitations can be as traditional or creative as you like. Just don’t forget to include the basics:

  • Your name and the name of your fiancé, including last names
  • The date, location and time of the wedding
  • The location and time of the reception
  • Reply information

Yes, there are common rules but they don’t always fit every situation. Below are some common questions we get about wedding invitation wording.

Your parents are divorced but still hosting the wedding together

The proper way to word an invitation when the bride’s parents are divorced is to list the names of the bride’s parents at the top of the invitation. The bride’s mother’s name should be on the first line and her father’s name should go on the line beneath it; do not separate the lines with “and.” If the bride’s mother has not remarried, use “Mrs.” followed by her first name, maiden name, and married name.

Your divorced parents have remarried

Traditionally, only the parents’ names appear on the invitation. But if you would like to include your stepparents, it’s perfectly acceptable to list them. Place your mother (and her husband, if she’s remarried) first, and include your last name. For example:

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Ross
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Elizabeth Anne Ross

One or both of your parents are deceased

If one parent is still living, that parent should issue the invitation. If your mother has not remarried, you should place “Mrs.” before her name. If neither of your parents is alive, the invitation may be issued by you or other relatives, such as your grandparents (in which case you should handle it as you would divorced parents who have remarried), or you and your fiancé.

Can’t find a solution to your specific question? Remember that the goal is to make people feel comfortable. When in doubt, it’s always better to break the rules to spare feelings, keep the peace, or both.


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