It’s true. My paper nerdery knows no bounds. I fell hard for some mod wallpaper at the 2010 International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

The ICFF is help at the same time and in the same venue as the National Stationery Show. Checking it out is a nice break from stationery saturation. This year, while I was hanging out near the Metropolis Magazine Airstream trailer/booth, I spotted the most delightful wallpaper.

The company is Kreme and it was founded by a former fashion designer in 2008. While they do home accessories also, the colorful, eco-friendly wallpaper struck me as both sleek and whimsical. I mean, look at these wonderful giraffes.

The bold colors, retro geometric patterns and the fun, hand-drawn quality of the designs work well for some projects I have coming up. I’ve used wallpaper is invitation design before. It IS paper after all and it tends to make nice tear-resistant wrappers, backings and embellishments.

All images from Kreme.

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