For many years, the only acceptable paper color for wedding invitations, according to etiquette, was ivory or ecru. In Europe the color was always white. Today, if you’re having an ultra-formal white- or black-tie wedding it’s best to stick with tradition. But if your big day is less bound by custom — or if you’re looking for a creative, contemporary twist — why not experiment with a little color?

Here are a few two-color combos I wish I saw more of in modern stationery:


Modern-orange-and-turquoise-beach-wedding_Laurel-McConnell-Photography_013In 2014, I created the stationery for a wedding on Cape Cod that used these unexpected tones reminiscent of a summer sunset. It’s shocking (in a good way) and the red undertones in the “hot orange” actually brighten the teal a bit. Pair these with either a bright ivory or a very pale shade of yellow.


Mango and Tangerine work together in more than just fruit salad. I don’t think yellow tones get used nearly enough in weddings. It’s so happy and bright. These two colors work so well together because they’re both warm and in the same tonal family. There’s a lot of POP here so consider adding a third, neutral color (gray or ivory) to quiet things down.

magentaNavycfb_103953 A few years ago, I tried to convince a good friend to use this palette for her wedding. She didn’t go for it but Iove it (and her) dearly. If this doesn’t scream “modern soirée,” I don’t know what does. Navy blue is a neutral and — except for black — goes with pretty much everything. Pairing it with bright pink takes it from preppy to POW. I especially love this combo with white ink, either on the invitation itself or on a colorful envelope.

I have a few more modern color duos headed your way in another post. In the meantime, tell me what you think. Should the colorful wedding trend continue? If so, what colors would you like to see more of?


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