For many years, the only acceptable paper color for wedding invitations, according to etiquette, was ivory or ecru. Today, if you’re having an ultra-formal white- or black-tie wedding it’s best to stick with tradition. But if your big day is less bound by custom — or if you’re looking for a creative, contemporary twist — why not experiment with a little color?

Here are a few two-color combos I wish I saw more of in modern stationery:


Even though this palette reminds me of a ripe, summer peach, it tends to show up in Autumn celebrations. It’s warm and inviting without being overtly feminine. It pairs beautifully with gold AND silver metallics (not at the same time, of course) and can work with either a true white or a classic ecru. Throw navy blue into the mix as an accent for an even more modern edge.



Three of my 2015 weddings feature blush pink as a main color. It’s soft but not too bubblegum. Set against a whispering shade of gray, pink is a girly compliment to buttoned-up charcoal or slate grays. And, like a wedding, the combination is warm and fuzzy — and totally chic. Gray has become a surprisingly popular color for weddings in the last couple of seasons likely because it’s so versatile.

white-green-vintage-wedding-04The calendar says it’s spring but the Northeast still has lots of snow on the ground from the atrocious winter we just had. This color combo reminds me that warm weather will be here soon.

So fresh and so clean, green and white is so vintage it’s modern again. I love a classic green and white wedding – it’s always such a timeless choice, and a look that is easy to execute well. To pump up the glamour, emerald and gold are great together. Or add some edge to this preppy palette by introducing black to the mix.

Can you think of any more modern wedding colors you’d like to see more of?


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