Valentine's Day 2014

I was just reading an article in England’s Daily Mail newspaper (old school and random, I know). Seven out of ten women say they do not want their boyfriends to propose on Valentine’s Day, according to a survey commissioned by Instead, the survey revealed that most women would prefer to a proposal to come with the element of surprise.

Nearly half of the women asked – 45% –  said they would like a proposal to come out of the blue on a random day. While 20% said they would like their partner to get down on one knee on “a day that is significant to their relationship,” but not on their anniversary.

What do you think? Would a ring on Valentine’s Day make your night or be a disappointing cliché?

ALSO: Congratulations, Casey B! You won our first giveaway of 2014 and I’ll be reaching out to you soon so we get those gorgeous toasting flutes on their way to you. Cheers!


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