Ivory by FaceType

I haven’t done a typography post in AAAGES. Looking back at the archives, it’s been more than a year. Apologies. It’s been really busy in the studio what with 2014 weddings, 2015 save the dates and the new gift wrap line. #everydayImHustlin

BUT, while I was working on the initial design for an elaborate 2015 wedding invitation suite, I came across a typeface I’d seen before but forgotten about. Say hello to Ivory.


Inspired by a beautiful typeface used in an illustrated book from 1882, Ivory is classic, stately and elegant with an almost medieval quality. I could use it for duograms, one large projected initial or as a drop cap on long blocks of text. Because it’s multi-layered, it allows for two-tone lettering.

Ivory by FaceType

With it’s sharp, angular serifs and just-right weight, it works as a headline and a strong detail piece. Oh, and just look at that sexy R. Even though it’s been around since 2009, I hope I get to see more of this one in the new year.


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