This is a newer series on Soigne called ‘fête & maison’ which is French for ‘party & home’. Couples spend a lot of time & money on gorgeous wedding decorations, so why not find fun and creative ways to bring the decor from your epic party to your new home! In this series, we’ll help you get your creative juices flowing.

Read on for this week’s idea.

Mixing up the chairs at your wedding ceremony or reception gives your day a very personalized, thought-out look. Each guest at your wedding has a unique personality and so should the chairs they’ll be sitting in! Mixing chair styles is a great option for couples holding a smaller event who don’t want to rent standard white plastic chairs. Plus, it gives you a reason to go shopping!

After the party is over, where do these chairs go? To your home, of course! Chances are you chose the mixed chairs because that’s your style, which means it’s also the perfect style for your new home. Mix and match the chairs at your dining room table, you living room, and even on the back patio. Each chair has a story, so they will be conversation starters as well and lovely home decor!



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