This is a newer series helping you find fun and creative ways to bring the details from your lovely wedding into your newlywed home!

fete-maison_reusing wedding details

Clever ideas after the break!

I’ve seen this but a few times. Couples are using wooden ladders to display an array of yummy desserts, photos from their engagement, or as a way to lead people to their respective reception tables. It’s a great idea, and one I hope catches on more with outdoor weddings!

What will you do with the ladder after the wedding? If you borrowed it, give it back! But if you bought it just for your special day, it’s yours now, and you have a lot of options on how to reuse it creatively. You can give it a coat of white paint and use it in the bedroom as your shoe organizer (see above). Or maybe put in the kitchen and have it serve as an extra set of shelves. If it’s a smaller ladder, flip it sideways and hang it as wall art (on it’s own, or as a skinny shelf to place pictures on). There are so many things to do!

We hope you’re liking this column. Throw us some ideas to use in future {fête & maison} blog posts!


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