We’ve started a new series here on Soigne called ‘fête & maison’ which means ‘party & home’. Couples spend a lot of time & money on gorgeous wedding decorations, so why not find fun and creative ways to bring the decor from your epic party to your new home! In this series, we’ll help you get your creative juices flowing.

I don’t know if this idea is clever or cliche, but today’s wedding decor comes in the form of hurricanes. Not the kind that’s taking over the East Coast, but the kind that you might find at a big event; Let’s say, a wedding.

I’ve been to weddings where these glass hurricanes were filled with multi-colored vase gems. It was a very cool look, and gave the whole table a very sparkly, elegant feel. I know candles, pears + peaches (and other forms of fruit) and flowers have also been used to create a unique look for the reception tables.

But what do we do with these gorgeous, huge, glass vases when the night is over? One idea is to transplant them to your dining room and fill them with festive flowers for the upcoming holidays! Or line your fireplace mantle with a few, filling them with flowers from the appropriate season. You could even use them as larger-than-usual candy bowls! You’d never run out of treats =)

Do you like this kind of hurricane?

Stay safe from the other kind!



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