This is our new series, called ‘fête & maison’ which means ‘party & home’. Couples spend a lot of time & money on their wedding decorations, so let’s find creative ways to bring the decor from your epic party to your new home!


If you are a bride who dreams of collecting hundreds of mix & match plates for your wedding reception, let me just tell you, it’s worth it. One of my close friends did this at her wedding this summer and the end result was fabulous. The different plates gave her reception a vintage-chic look and it was unbelievable! I loved it.

That said, now she is stuck with over 200 china plates! What should she do with them? Well, she could rent them out to other brides looking to do the same thing. Or she could give her mom a beautiful set for Christmas! Or, like the photo above, she could create a stunning wall display in her dining room using her absolute favorite plates. To keep it varied and interesting, mix the big dinner plates with smaller teacup plates. Gorgeous, right?!

Do you have any “fête & mason” ideas? Share with us and see your idea featured on our blog!

Happy Tuesday!



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