What exactly is the difference between escort and place cards at a wedding? Aren’t they basically the same thing? No! Read after the jump to find out more.

Escort Cards:  These are the cards that are usually placed at the door leading into the reception that let your guests know which table they are sitting at. Organized either by table number or in alphabetical order (I personally think alphabetical is easier), your guests will find their name and proceed to their seat at the table they are assigned to. Escort cards are a great way to bring personality and flare to your reception.

Place Cards: This card is actually at each person’s place at the table, letting them know exactly where their seat is. Escort cards can be used without place cards if you choose to assign the table and not the actual seat, but place cards usually cannot be used without escort cards. As seen in the pictures, place cards lend a great opportunity to get creative!

Now that you know the difference, what are you going to choose to do for your wedding day? Just escort cards? Or a combination of escort and place cards? If you’ve already gotten married, what worked for your special day? Let us know!


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