Choosing to have your wedding invitation suite custom designed has a few perks (a lot more than a few, actually). The one we’re going to focus on right now is this seemingly-insignificant-but-really-exciting-and-important thing: envelope liners. Liners are an easy way to capture the interest of your guests as soon as the open the flap of the envelope. Liners are also great “real-estate” to add more pizazz to your invite and a place to continue the theme of your wedding. See what these couples did:

As you can see, all of these liners housed a little part of the theme or feel of these couples’ weddings. It could have been a map, to show that it was a destination wedding, or a page from the couple’s favorite book to go with their literary themed wedding. There is also an option of using a funky pattern that matches your style, or a personalized pattern with your names and wedding date on it. And if you aren’t quite sure what to do, you can always reiterate in nice typography the fact that this is an invite and that is an rsvp card.

Make sense? Do you agree with this envelope liner trend? We’ve had some cool ideas run through the studio lately and we can’t wait ’til this summer to show you!


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