Here are some of my favorite original color palettes to date! Mostly because of their extra-awesome-brightness.

Multi-Turquoise: I’ve always been a fan of two different shades of the same color paired together; it’s like you can’t get it wrong, which makes this multi-turquoise and gray combo is definitely a favorite. This would be a stellar option for a summer wedding on the beach. Add in some yellows or maybe a light pink if you’re itching for even more color.

Super Bright Spring: This palette is the definition of springtime. The brights of the yellow and green mixed with the toned down blues make it fun and inviting. I’m going out on a limb to say that if you’re into color-blocking, this would be a RAD scheme for your wedding. Seriously. Also, finding centerpiece and bridesmaid flowers will be really easy with these colors.

What favorite color is on your radar today?

Happy Wednesday!



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