Almost Spring: To me, this palette is just moving out of winter and into the early spring. It’s colors are still on the dark side, but hint at the promise of a new season. This combo takes a familiar natural green and matches it with something else quite common to the eye: the sky. Even using a darker shade of the typical sky blue adds a particular mood to this combination. A good mood? I’d say yes. What do you think?

Nautica: When I think of a nautical color scheme, I generally think white and navy. Maybe throw a little goldenrod in there. But this new palette has just proven to me that you can mix up the shades and tones of a traditional “nautical” palette and still have it convey the feeling of being near the sea. Even though this reddish brown, dark turquoise, ivory and burnt orange are very different, I can just imagine a sweet ceremony on a yacht, followed by a classy reception near the beach.

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Oh, and happy Leap Day! =)


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