During all of my extensive research about neon (aka: 5 minutes on wikipedia) I learned a few things: 1. Neon is a chemical found in the air and 2. When “excited electrically, neon gives a brilliant reddish-orange glow”. So the neon we know and love, those famous ultra bright hues of color, stemmed from this science-y discovery. The original reddish-orange has been reinterpreted into pinks, greens, yellows, blues…. basically any color that can be electrified! Like these:

We love that the wedding industry has taken a hold of this hot trend. Neon is spicy and brilliant! Brides who are bold enough to incorporate these super shades into their wedding decor have my utmost respect because I could never pull that off!

Did you or a friend use these electric colors? Do you like this trend or do you think it’s too crazy?



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