I find this color combo a ton of fun. Bright oranges make me happy, and green is one of the best colors out there, so in my opinion you can never go wrong with it! Bring the two together and you’ve got a lively duo that will put a smile on anyone’s face. See what we mean? Aren’t you smiling?

The good thing about orange: There are so many shades of orange, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for you. When thinking about how to incorporate them, make sure you pay attention to the details, like groomsmen ties, cake decorations, and the type of drinks you serve. There is always a way to squeeze orange into your day! (no pun intended) =)

The good thing about green: most flowers have it (assuming the flowers you’re picking have stems). Add that to the big details like bridesmaid dresses and little details like lime rinds and stationery, and look, you already have enough green to complete the look you’ve dreamed of.

Orange and green: what are your thoughts on this upbeat duo?


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