I just wanted to take a little break from crazy colors and get back to the basics. An “old” palette if you will, to go along with this old camera. Dark blue, slate grey and ivory. Classy to the point of perfection, don’t you agree?

And now for a more vibrant one: How does the world feel about this hunter green, mint green and mustard-y yellowy color combination? I really like it, especially moving into the fall months. I’m no color expert, but I think mustard and mint are gonna be a hit together someday soon. Why don’t you jump on this trend early?! (actually, i just checked Pinterest… and I think this might already be a trend… Sorry, I’m late to the party).

Have a fabulous Wednesday! Check back Friday for some new fonts we’re crushing on.


P.S. 18 days until MY wedding!!! Just wanted to put that out there =)


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