Minty Mason: Those of you who are obsessed with the summery mint green trend (I am included!) you can delight in this light, airy color palette. Mixed two shades of mint and two shades of sunflower yellow, and you have a sweet color scheme all your girlfriends will squeal over. I know this from experience, because I took the above picture at my friend’s wedding last weekend and may or may not have squealed a little. =)


Neon Brights: Cover your eyes! This palette goes along with the latest fashion-inspired idea that brighter is better. I wouldn’t be surprised if a bold bride used this neon blue, yellow and pink combination. Channel your inner 90s kid with an over abundance of neon patterns as bridesmaid dresses and table cloths. Yeah, it’s probably going to look a little crazy, but you know what? If you love it, that’s all that matters.


Happy Wednesday! Come back tomorrow for a long post about the process of putting invitations together!



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