Light & Bubbly: 
Who doesn’t like a little bit of bubbly at their wedding? This seafoam green, light honey yellow and champagne combination stands out as a lovely spring color palette. Make it also work for deep-into-the-summer weddings by mixing in some coral accents.

Pop of Pink:
We’ve got a bright one on our hands! These chartreuse, magenta, and muted pink colors work so well together and honestly could be used for a wedding any time of the year. For spring, play up the light pink, for summer, pump up the chartreuse. For fall, go crazy with the magenta, and winter? Well, winter you need as much color as you can get, so feel free to use them all excessively. =)

Sidenote: I just realized I am wearing absolutely no color today. Black pants, black and white striped shirt, silver earrings. WOW. I am super boring. Hope you’ve got a more exciting color scheme going on today!



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