From the invitations to the napkins, color plays a big role in a wedding. Here are a few color combinations that have been showing up more often in weddings I’ve been to and/or participated in recently.

  • Tangerine + Cobalt: these two are near-opposites on the color wheel and just “work.”
  • Rose + Gold: a great Spring combination that’s elegant and modern with a vintage feel. (does that make any sense? ha!)
  • Moss + Terra Cotta: this pair feels crisp and contemporary, especially when used with white for great contrast.
  • Teal + Lemon: punchy and sunny with an edge, this preppy duo lends itself to nearly endless flower choices and dessert options.
  • Black + White: always a classic, black is white’s most dramatic accessory. Add texture for more dimension.

BONUS: Pantone has named PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise Color of the Year for 2010. Read more here.

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