We’ve all seen rectangular and square wedding invitations quite a few times in our lives, right? Well, have you ever thought of having that simple shape called the circle to be your main focus of your wedding suite? These people did:

The circle is a very under-used shape in the wedding invitation world, but if this is something that strikes your fancy, why not do it? It’s unique, easy on the eyes, and can get pretty creative, like this one with the patterned border. Not digging the idea of your actual invite being a circle, like this hand-calligraphed one? Why not have the focal piece of the design be a circle, like this orange one does. Or maybe you can add a circular doily like this one did to compliment the rest of their collection. You can place the circle in an envelope, so you get uniqueness of the round element and the ease of holding a square.

Have you or your friends done round invites before? How did they work out?

Happy Tuesday!



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