I had the startling pleasure of chatting with Chad Michael Peters at an event last night. Within moments of our cursory introductions, he completely blew my mind.

If you know him, you know he’s a substantial presence, all personality, no nonsense. My kinda guy. For example, he didn’t bring business cards to the huge networking event. Everyone already knew who he was.
Just after I learned his name he proceeded to tell me how he preferred to run his event planning and design business and what prospective “partners” can expect/should do when working with him. He is demanding and expects only the best.

As a former Wall Street veteran, Mr. Peters has clearly earned his confidence and has created an event design “empire.” He provided me with all kinds of unsolicited “tips” on using social media, the importance of blogging (and to stop making excuses about why I don’t blog more), measuring success and much more. I learned A TON in just a few hours. That kind of honest advice, invited or otherwise, is always welcome with me.

I was initially put off (in a “who the heck does he think he is?!” kinda way) but his straightforward manner is refreshing in a place as traditionally buttoned up as Boston. I look forward to even more from this innovative wedding industry mastermind.

Photo by Dina Rudick for The Boston Globe

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