Font | Ivory by FaceType

Ivory by FaceType

I haven’t done a typography post in AAAGES. Looking back at the archives, it’s been more than a year. Apologies. It’s been really busy in the studio what with 2014 weddings, 2015 save the dates and the new gift wrap line. #everydayImHustlin

BUT, while I was working on the initial design for an elaborate 2015 wedding invitation suite, I came across a typeface I’d seen before but forgotten about. Say hello to Ivory.


Inspired by a beautiful typeface used in an illustrated book from 1882, Ivory is classic, stately and elegant with an almost medieval quality. I could use it for duograms, one large projected initial or as a drop cap on long blocks of text. Because it’s multi-layered, it allows for two-tone lettering.

Ivory by FaceType

With it’s sharp, angular serifs and just-right weight, it works as a headline and a strong detail piece. Oh, and just look at that sexy R. Even though it’s been around since 2009, I hope I get to see more of this one in the new year.


Typography | Catchwords


Fun for your Friday!

Catchwords is a collection of connector words that have a look and feel and being carved from wood. There are so many different options to choose from when you get the Catchwords font. Very practical when looking for a unique design for your wedding invitations. How do you like these? Too “old school” for you, or would you think about using one of these special “and”s in between you and your fiance’s names?

Happy Friday!


Anna Clara | Font

anna clara font

The new Anna Clara font can be easily dressed up or down, depending on your occasion. You can make it as playful or as fancy as you want it to be. Anna Clara has an organic feel to it, with edges that are a bit rough, resembling traditional hand-written calligraphy.

This new font fits the recent calligraphic-loving-trend in the wedding industry and has come at the perfect time for spring and summer wedding invitations. What do you think?


Typeface | Cassandra Lyn



Designed by a young letterer named James Edmondson, Cassandra Lyn brings elegance to anything it lands on. It was originally for the designer’s friend who wrote a baking blog, and actually, I’m not even sure if it’s out for anyone to use yet! I hope it gets released soon! This would definitely get added to our wedding invitation typeface collection.

What do you think?

Happy Friday!


Free Font | Sail

sail font


Sail is a beautiful script for headline, display and poster uses. When you look at it, you get a sense of fresh air blowing through your hair. It’s uppercases are sailing in the breeze and it’s elegant lowercases also make it easy to use for bigger sets of text.

Happy Friday!


Typeface | Antique Spenserian


Antique Spenserian is an antique-style script is based on Spencerian script released in the 19th century. Every letter has a natural looking distressed effect. This font is very traditional and would most likely be used by those looking for a very elegant, refined look for their wedding stationery. If that’s your style, this is a good font for you!

Happy Friday!

{Typography} Poem Script Pro

Poem Script Pro is a the newest font creation by type designer Alejandro Paul. So many of our favorite script fonts were designed by him, including our logo font, Burgues!

Poem Script is similar to Burgues, but one big difference is that is has a lighter, taller look. It’s bends and curves flow over the page so well! We’re 99.9 percent certain Poem would be the perfect choice for a couple looking to send their guests beautiful, classy invitations for their day of similar style. If that sounds like you, why not ask your stationer about Poem Script?

Happy Friday!

{Typography} Madelinette

Madelinette is simple and classic. Madelinette is also traditional. It looks like it was written with a steel nibbed dip pen in black ink… just like the good old days. This font may be described as “looking perfect in grandmother’s pearls & sweater sets, traveling Europe on holiday & loving Parisian food.”

We love Madelinette’s smoothly organic flowing handwritten look. It would work well for any type of wedding invitation; celebrations that are extremely elegant, to ones that have a vintage-chic vibe.

What do you think?

Happy Friday!


{Typography} Aire

A while back we showcased Lian Type’s famous font Reina, which we still love. But this week we’re talking about their new creation, Aire, a font that the designer describes as a “more feminine, more fragile” version of Reina. We agree that Aire is light, fresh and elegant, and would love to use it on a wedding invitation suite someday.

We can visualize this font being used on an invitation suite of a bride and groom who love beautiful things, but who can also let loose and be playful. Aire is a gorgeous solution for anyone looking for a splash of elegance and a sprinkle of fun!

What do you think? Would you use Aire on your invites and wedding details?

Happy Friday!


{Typography} Delicatta

Delicatta is a very beautiful and expressive script font that we think would work well with two sorts of weddings in particular.

1. An elegant wedding could use this font on all of their stationery, from the initial save the date all the way to the escort cards. Delicatta is just that: delicate, which means it wouldn’t be overwhelming to see all over your reception.
2. A vintage wedding could use this font as an accent to a more modern font, to mix-&-match and get a more “quirky” feel.

Would use this in your invitation suite? We think you should! =)


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