I needed that break


The computers and I took a much-needed break from each other to refresh and recharge. The long winter weighs heavily on me and if I’m to offer my clients the best of service and ideas, I need to step away for a few days.

Last week, my husband, my toddler and I escaped frigid Boston for a few days in The Bahamas. The weather was lovely, the rum drinks were delicious and plentiful, and it was so nice to unplug.

While I was laying on the beach I decided I need to stop dreaming about the things I want to do and just DO them. Changes are coming, friends. Some will be easy, some will be impossibly hard but all will work toward the goal of keeping things moving forward.


Love is everywhere


While Valentine’s Day has gotten pretty commercial, it’s still nice to take a day to celebrate love. According to a survey by American Express, 6 million people expected to get engaged today, up from 4 million last year. That’s a lot of popping of questions, knee bending, yes-es and the ensuing celebration.

Here’s to feeling the love throughout the whole year. Cheers!

{engage! conference} Day Two

~ The world renowned engage! is a luxury wedding summit for wedding professionals working with high-end brides and grooms. Kelli has been able to attend two of these conferences, and she sent along some photos like to share from the latest. ~

Here are some photos from the second day of engage!12.


{engage! conference} Day One

The world renowned engage! is a luxury wedding summit for wedding professionals working with high-end brides and grooms. It’s full of inspirational talks, innovative ideas and endless networking opportunities. Kelli has been able to attend two of these conferences, and she passed along some photos for me to share with you form the latest one. Enjoy!


Adieu, 2012 wedding season

Unlike many people, the fine folks who work as part of the wedding industry never get to take time off during the summer and fall months. Winter is à deux’s downtime and, starting today, the studio will be closed while we take a much-needed vacation. There will be some family time and a white-sand beach involved. Wooo!

We’ll be responding to voicemail and email after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The 2012 season is almost done and I’m counting my blessings. A lot has happened this year and 2013 is shaping up to be another rockin’ good time.


Taking a break

No matter how you found à deux I’m glad you did. Thanks for visiting the blog.

I’m taking a short break to get to know the newest member of my growing family. After a brief maternity leave, we’ll return in a few weeks. Please check back soon.

Joyeux noel!

We’re closing up shop for the holidays. It’s been a great year. See you in 2012!

We love reviews!

The 2011 season is winding down and I’m counting my blessings. A lot has happened this year (& keeps happening) and 2012 is shaping up to be an even bigger party.

THANK YOU to all of our friends, fans, followers and family for continuing to make us better. Because of all of you, à deux is growing into being the go-to choice for discerning couples looking for superior quality in their wedding stationery. The clients make my job lovable and I’m so grateful that you choose to work with us.


Happy holidays from à deux

It’s the end of another year and, as always, I appreciate the ongoing support of this diminutive studio’s friends, fans and family. Let’s continue the fun into the new year.


Handmade vs. machine made

When you are looking for wedding stationery, what are you really looking for? Is it about quality or price? Is what you’re buying exactly what you want or is it the only choice that comes close to what you want?


Equality is a no-brainer

There’s no arguing that weddings are one of the few things in our society still governed largely by tradition. The rules are clear and well defined in volumes of books and blogs. As a member of the professional wedding community, “the rules” are a big part of my job. Knowing the rules also gives me insight into when it’s ok to bend — or even break — them.

The ongoing debate on gay marriage (and continuing legal wrangling around Prop. 8 in California) has me thinking a lot about the rules. My two cents:


My philosophy

I’m not afraid to admit that I am a creative perfectionist. My passion is creating the unforgettable and doing more than is expected. I think that shows, not only in the work but in the reactions I get from people about the work.

Am I bragging? No (well, maybe a little). Thoughtful details are the difference between a great piece of stationery and one that wedding guests will never forget. I really believe there shouldn’t be any limit to what’s possible.  Your wedding invitations shouldn’t be like anyone else’s.  And, through à deux, I’m on a mission to make sure wedding stationery isn’t ever generic.

We are trying to create a new standard in wedding stationery. We fill our lives with so much mass-produced mediocrity that it’s easy to forget what true service and quality really are. With that comes constant improvement. I want the process to be better all the time. Better, faster, more intuitive (cue theme song to the “6 Million Dollar Man”). Feedback is so important to me and to this business.

Tell me: how can I make working with à deux better?