Bonne Année: the blog is back

Happy New Year 2014

Oh friends, 2013 was quite the year. I did some of the biggest weddings I’ve ever done. I worked less, did better financially, spent more time with The Biscuit and had a lot more fun.

Several colleagues asked me why I shut the blog down for 6 months and the short answer is that I’d rather not do something at all than do it badly. In the busy-ness of business, the blog had become an afterthought and the quality was suffering. I shut it down to focus on doing my best work for my clients. Not having the blog to edit also freed me up to redesign the site.

As 2014 gets started, I’m still tweaking the site. You may notice small changes and additions (hint: there’s a “shop” coming). Thank you so much for being patient as I reevaluated, reimagined and reworked this thing.

More good things are in the works. Stay tuned!


It's a Giveaway!

Art of Celebration book giveaway

“Art of Celebration – New England” is on physical and virtual bookshelves now. It’s 370 pages of stunning photography and lighthearted stories from the region’s best event professionals (including yours truly). You can buy this coffee table stunner for $45 or you can enter our summer giveaway and get a copy delivered to your door courtesy of moi.


Happy New Year!

Best wishes for an interesting, fun, colorful, exciting 2011 filled with lots of love & laughter. Cheers!

August snuck up on me

I get so caught up in the details of work that I sometimes forget the simple things, like going outside or taking a beach break. I forget that I’m on a coast again. There were no beach breaks in Denver. And mountain breaks aren’t nearly as fun as you’d think.


Fine penmanship

When I was growing up, my older sister Wendy took up calligraphy as a hobby. She abandoned it pretty quickly but her handwriting today is still AMAZING. Compared to my scrawl, which is bigger than it probably has to be (like a child’s) and is generally a print-cursive hybrid many penmanship teachers would frown upon. Her handwritten missives have perfectly formed letters, exactly in line, and they’re often wonderfully tiny. (more…)

Orange flowers make me smile

There really is no other point to this post than to say that I really love orange flowers. Dahlias, in particular, always get a lingering look from me. I think it’s the mix of colors, the tonal shifts and the shape of the petals. And my favorite color is purple, not orange. Hard to explain, really.

I’m sure in another life I was a florist or, better yet, a big orange flower. But one that didn’t die in a week, didn’t have thorns or sticky sap, didn’t cause any allergies and was generally nice to have around. {smile}

What kinds of flowers and/or colors do you just love?

photo and copyright belong to Chris Wells. He’s swell.

Ann Taylor Weddings

In my recent flurry of business I somehow missed Ann Taylor’s launch of a wedding boutique.

No doubt following up on the success of the J.Crew bridal shop, my go-to spot for classic essentials is now offering an edited selection of bridesmaids dresses and accessories.  There is ONE ivory-colored gown on the site now (a cute, little tiered chiffon number) but no indication of whether they’ll be adding more.

The available colors are … classic, the shoes are so-so, but the jewelry is FAB. Here’s to hoping they keeping adding to the collection.

Ann Taylor Weddings & Events

2010 trends, part 3

I predict 2010 will see the rise of the “next big thing” in weddings. Here’s the third part of what I think we’ll see more of this year (part 2 is here).

  • Rented jukeboxes: In the same vein as the ubiquitous photo booth, guests can get involved at the reception by picking some of the music.
  • Mojito bars: Cutesy signature drinks are out. Mint, tropical fruits and syrups let guests art-direct their own bevvies.
  • Cut-paper designs: Images cut out of paper by hand will soon be gracing everything from welcome signs to table numbers.

I saw these at 2009 events. I’m sure they’ll be popping up more throughout the new year.

2010 trends, part 2

I predict 2010 will see the rise of the “next big thing” in weddings. Here’s the second part of what I think we’ll see more of this year (part 1 is here).

  • Multiple wedding cakes: Trade the towering, sugar-flowered wedding cake for several small and simple confections and display them on cute cake stands.
  • Colorful heels: The shoes don’t have to match the color of the dress. I suspect we’ll see more daring brights peeking out from under gowns this year.
  • Vegetable centerpieces: Well, why not have tomatoes or asparagus in the arrangement?

More tomorrow …

2010 trends, part 1

I predict 2010 will see the rise of the “next big thing” in weddings. Here’s the first part of what I think we’ll see more of this year.

  • All-white affairs: In ancient times, the bridesmaids dressed in the same color as the bride to confuse evil spirits out to get her. Today, this style would look striking in the wedding photos.
  • Birdcage veils: This retro-cool classic won’t hide a gown’s back or neckline, or fantastic hair.
  • Gospel choirs: Imagine having a rising tide of voices at the ceremony. It’s a grand and moving statement for a church wedding.

More tomorrow …

DIY letterpress

Picture 1

sooo … paper source is now selling an at-home letterpress machine. wait … what? i LOVE paper source but they’re touting it as a “truly amazing & affordable way to make your own letterpress creations.”

the “letterpress” machine is $150. Add $25 for their plates (there are only 3 sets available right now), $7 for ink (4 colors to choose from), and plenty of paper for test runs and you’re easily out nearly $300. not to mention the TIME it’ll take to get this working perfectly.

this seems like one of those DIY projects that may not be worth it in the end. what do you think?

Thinking about DIY?

Trying to hand-tie those 200 little black bows around each invitiation is really a pain.

Do-It-Yourself invitations may seem like a good, fun, cheep alternative to shelling out $$$; but then comes the hassle of having to worry about templates, size, fonts, alignment, wording, and triple spell checking everything. In our opinion (and, yes, we’re biased) DIY invitations are not worth the time and worry.

When my then-fiancé and I were sitting at the dining room table looking at 160 unassembled invitations and 2 uncompatable printers, we wished we had just shelled out the extra money to let someone else worry about it.

hi there!

Picture 1

à deux has a blog! how exciting! after redesigning the site i decided to put up a blog as a way to share what inspires me and things i think are neat. i’m still tweaking the design but i hope you enjoy it.

and this weird little graphic i made with the help of wordle.net. you give it a bunch of words (in this case, text from our services brochure) and it creates a customizable “cloud.” warning: it’s addictive.