More monograms, please


Last year, I created a lot of monograms, duograms and custom crests. Already, 2015 looks like it’s going to have more of this welcome return to tradition.

First up: a lovely peach and charcoal letterpress save the date for a July wedding. The color combination is both classic and modern and the design has a hint of whimsy while still being formal.

I designed a table!


Last year, the undeniably lovely Jennifer Iovino of Peterson Party Center asked if I’d like to be part of their Vendor Design Series for 2014. Each month they feature a table in their Woburn, MA showroom designed to reflect the spirit of each designer’s brand using Peterson’s rental products in interesting ways. (more…)

{Typography} Heket

Heket is a very new, very expressive handwritten font. It’s elegant with a touch of fun. It’s also seriously stunning, in my opinion, and would be the perfect focal point of a wedding invitation. I envision this invitation being type-driven (only words, no graphics) and the precursor to a classy wedding whose bride & groom want their invitation to be welcoming and exciting.

What do you think?

Happy Friday!

{Tuesday Trends} Crests

I enjoy this crest trend because it’s really the ultimate personalization. More elaborate than a monogram, crests give your wedding invitations sophisticated personality and brings back that feeling of great tradition.

The usual elements found in a crest design are these: Your names or initials. Your wedding date. Your favorite colors. And depending on how detailed you want it, maybe a hobby of each of yours, or your favorite fruit (see above!). Once a designer gets a hold of these elements, they can work with you and make something you’ll be proud of!

Think about this: Having a custom crest designed for your wedding day guarantees you to have this piece of art forever. Once you have it, you can display in your house long after your 8 hour celebration. Take the wedding date away, and you can use it on your family Christmas cards or stationery. The possibilities are endless for how to keep using your mark!

Did you have a custom crest designed for your wedding day? Have you used it for other things, after the fact?



{Foil Stamping}

Foil stamping is a trend we’re really excited to be able to use this season.


We love the sophisticated look that foil stamping brings to an invitation suite. It’s shiny! And catches people’s attention right away.

Go subtle with it and only use it on one piece of your suite (say, the RSVP card). Or! Go all out and include this technique throughout out the whole suite. Switch things up by using different colors of foil (silver and gold are popular, but you can also find blue, pink, green, basically any color you want.)

I’m getting cliche on you, but the possibilities really are endless.

How have you seen foil stamping used creatively? Have you designed a suite using this trend? Are you a bride who wants to incorporate this into your wedding day? Let us know!


Happy Tuesday!

{Tuesday Trends} Unique RSVP

Adding a little fun to either the design or wording of your RSVP can be a nice touch to your wedding suite. Life isn’t always “accepts with pleasure” and “declines with regret”, you know? If your personality is more fun than that, why not show it? Talk to your invitation designer to figure out how you can incorporate your own unique voice into your RSVP cards.

Happy Tuesday!


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Envelope Liners

Choosing to have your wedding invitation suite custom designed has a few perks (a lot more than a few, actually). The one we’re going to focus on right now is this seemingly-insignificant-but-really-exciting-and-important thing: envelope liners. Liners are an easy way to capture the interest of your guests as soon as the open the flap of the envelope. Liners are also great “real-estate” to add more pizazz to your invite and a place to continue the theme of your wedding. See what these couples did:

As you can see, all of these liners housed a little part of the theme or feel of these couples’ weddings. It could have been a map, to show that it was a destination wedding, or a page from the couple’s favorite book to go with their literary themed wedding. There is also an option of using a funky pattern that matches your style, or a personalized pattern with your names and wedding date on it. And if you aren’t quite sure what to do, you can always reiterate in nice typography the fact that this is an invite and that is an rsvp card.

Make sense? Do you agree with this envelope liner trend? We’ve had some cool ideas run through the studio lately and we can’t wait ’til this summer to show you!


White on White

White on white. You’d think it’d look so boring, right? With no color or fun to be seen. But it’s not dull, promise! Just look at the examples below and see how classy (or modern) white on white can really be!

There are two popular ways to get this white on white look: letterpress printing (without using any ink) or embossing. Click the links to learn more about each.

Whether you’re looking for a classic feel, a vintage touch, or a modern suite, white on white might be your answer! You can use this idea as just an accent (like a pattern along the bottom of the invitation) or as the main affair (everything including your names are in white). Whatever fits your fancy.



Detailed Borders

Sometimes borders can seem rigid, boxy or confining, but lately they’ve been getting fancy. Getting creative. Getting thought about outside the border while still being a border. Okay, maybe that didn’t make sense, but take a look to see what I mean:

Do you see what I mean? All of these invitations have a border, but they aren’t, how do you say, boring. Many invitation suites are using patterns as a border, and some are using organic shapes to give it more of an artistic feel. The borders can be elegantly ornamental or light and subtle. Or they can be completely fun like this wave border invite.

What do you think about the trend of borders? Have you seen an out of the border borders? =) Will you share?



Winter, spring, summer, or fall, florals are becoming popular all year round. It’s a lovely motif. Why? Well, it’s familiar, but can be designed to be totally personal to you and your fiance. They can be classy enough to accompany a formal invitation or casual enough to be on a backyard wedding invitation. Check out a few of our favorites.

How do you think florals can be incorporated into the wedding decor (besides, of course, the actual flowers=]) Share with us some creative ideas!



Be Bold!

BOLD: adjective, “Beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative” See examples below:

If you and your significant other have big, bright personalities, why not let them shine through wedding stationery that exudes boldness? Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, big & bold typography, and exciting & energetic patterns through out your invitation suite. That is, after all, who you are!

Introduce the best day of your life loudly and proudly; when your guest open your invitations, you want them to be knocked off their feet with excitement! That’s what this bold trend is doing; getting people excited for the greatest day ever. =)



Gold Foil

When I look at these examples of gold foil, I notice two things about how people are designing using it. The designs are either contemporary designs or traditional ones. And it gets broken down from there even more: elaborate contemporary or traditional, and simple contemporary and traditional. It’s lovely how this simple gold color can be used in very different ways.


If you were to use gold foil in your invites, what style would you design it in? I think I’d go elaborate contemporary. I really like those cluster of dots in the top picture.

Another note: This gold foil trend is just so sparkly and happy. It makes me smile.



Pastels tend to get a bad rap for being too girly or “babyish”, but we’ve decided these wedding suites work really well in pastel shades. None of them are too girly and they all exude classy wedding vibes, yes? If you think about it, and any color can be turned to pastel (think “lighter version” of most colors in the rainbow). See?

Pastels are particularly popular during the spring months, but you can also try them for winter! Light blues and yellows and greys would work perfectly and look great together.

Have you seen pastels showing up in any friends’ invites or on your favorite wedding blogs? Which blogs?



Patterned Paisley

So you want your wedding invitation to be downright pretty? I’d say go with a patterned paisley design. It’s pretty, classic and can be simplified or extra-detailed, depending on your style. See these examples we like:

The invitations for any spring or summer wedding would highly benefit from a beautiful paisley pattern! Is this something you’re thinking about doing for your own wedding? What made you pick paisley?



The Ampersand

Over the years, this little member of the typographic family has become very popular to use on wedding stationery. And why shouldn’t it? For starters, it adds a graphic element everyone understands and that is fun to design with. Secondly, there are hundreds upon thousands of options meaning at least one is bound to fit your wedding style. And the last great reason is that it symbolizes bringing two things together… kind of like your wedding bringing you and the love of your life together. Right?! It’s perfect! Check out a few examples we like a lot.

Ask your stationer what font she thinks will fit your wedding style best, because we know there is one out there just for you. Thank you, dear ampersand, for being versatile and so very pleasing to the eye.



Whoever thought summertime was the best time of year to get married had obviously never caught a glimpse beautifully designed holiday-themed wedding invitations. You just can’t do these kinds of things in June, you know?! Incorporating fun, festive holiday decor into your invitation suite is really easy! Check out the ones we found and loved.

Festive champagne bottles, holly & ivy, New Years Eve fireworks, classy black and white typography and winter snowflakes are all great starting points to help get you thinking about all the  possibilities your invitations could have. Other things like Christmas lights, ornaments and poinsettias (or any kind of winter flower) would be great themes as well.

What ideas for your winter wedding have you come up with so far? Care to share with us? Thanks!

And a very happy holiday to all our blog readers!


Okay, so not all of these write actually hand written (some use fonts that were made to look like handwriting) but that’s the best word I could come up with to group all of these invitations. Handwritten, illustrated, calligraphic… you get the point. Take a look at some example I’m loving today.

Handwriting brings personal and whimsical feelings to your invitation suite. Sort of like the invitation was written out just for your guests, which makes them feel special. Most brides don’t know where to go for this style of invitations, so we’re telling you: talk to your stationery designer! They have connections with calligraphers and illustrators who can use their talents to create something beautiful for you.



Everyone can save the world, even brides and grooms! Just take a look at these “green” wedding invitations. Perfect for those earth-conscience lovebirds out there.


Some are printed on plantable seed paper that grows wildflowers when the plantable invitation is planted. Some are made from 100% PCW recycled paper, hand letterpressed & printed with soy based inks. Some are tree-free and use 100% post consumer recycled papers. All are good for the earth and easy on the eyes! Is this something you have been thinking about for your invites? Do you know of anyone who has invested in paper that is good for the earth? I think it’s a great idea.



Classic Elegance

It’s been lovely to see couples take their wedding invitations back to the age of elegance. The designs are effortless and timeless, with beautiful typography and simple, yet eye-catching layouts. They have an understated quality to them and will be as gorgeous in 30 years as they are on their wedding day. Subtle patterns, lighter colors and details like gold envelopes and liners help accentuate the beauty of these elegant wedding invitations.


Layers & Textures

Layers and textures. Just layers. Just textures. Mostly layers, a little textures… However it may be done, we’re glad! Both of these elements add fine detail and intrigue to any invitation suite. Take a look at some of our favorites:

Letter-pressed words are great, but if you want to go beyond that, for a more overall textured look, you can try different natural textures such as sand or wood grain. These are very detailed and feel oh-so-perfect when handling your paper.Textures aren’t limited to letter-pressing. Adding lace to the edges of your invite or securing your suite together with a pretty textured paper can be nice touches and will add dimension as well.

Layering invitation papers can be a nice touch (and we do this a lot at à deux). Like the yellow and white invitations, these layers will create a border of color. Instead of just a white invitation, you can add a patterned or colored background paper, or maybe even both! It’s nice to have that pretty border, and also to have a thicker, more substantial invitation. It gives people more of a reason to keep it forever, because it’s special, rather than just one piece of potentially disposable paper.

Does that make sense? Anyways, how have you seen layers and textures used in a cool way? Will you share with us? Thanks!

Embracing Culture

A lot of couples these days are finding ways to incorporate their ethnic background into their wedding invitation designs. This is such a meaningful gesture towards family heritage and the importance of embracing their culture! We love these personal and truly custom examples of cultural wedding invitations:

There are many ways to incorporate your culture into your invitation suite, and each culture is so unique that you are bound to have invites that stand out from the rest. You can take a very literal image, such as the Irish claddagh ring, and using that as the your main inspiration, or go the more interpretive route by mixing colors and graphic elements that are exclusively distinct to your ethnicity. Be creative!

Are you thinking about doing this for your own wedding? What drew you to the idea of embracing your culture on your wedding invites? Share with us!



This week we’re loving the soft, artsy look of watercolor invitations. Some people are just so creative, you know? Check out a few of our favorites:

The hand-painted look of florals, patterns landscapes or even the main lettering adds a romantic feel to invitations. Layered colors of paint bring texture and depth to an otherwise flat medium (paper). If you envision the “feel” of your wedding day to be light, comfortable and romantic, watercolored invitations might be a good option to consider!


Belly Bands

Even with their slightly silly name, belly bands are becoming very popular in the wedding invitation world. Why? Because they’re practical. Not only do they hold all the contents of your invitations suite together nicely, they’re also extra “real estate” for continuing your wedding’s brand. Take a look at some we like:

There are many options for how belly bands can look. You can go the simple route and choose a paper that matches your wedding color. You can add your monogram, or your full names and the date of your wedding. You can even ask your stationer to continue any pattern they might have used on your invitation right onto the belly band. They can be skinny, fat, horizontal, vertical… It’s all up to you!


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