Carolyn Pro Black is our choice of calligraphy-styled typography this week (even month, perhaps). It’s handwritten and whimsical style is perfect for those of you looking for a more casual font to use on your wedding invitations. The Carolyna font family comes with many alternates, so you have a choice when it comes to how the capital S (or R, K, or A, ect) in your name can look. Carolyna also has many options for swashes, which means you can dress up your invites with some swirls, whirls and twirls. Aka: fun stuff!

Have you seen this font used in the weddingsphere before? It’s pretty new to me, so I’m excited to see it used more often! I envision it being a very nice font for an opening page in a wedding magazine to a story about two lovebirds getting married in a field of wild flowers. Or something like that 🙂

Enjoy your Friday afternoon!


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