Most people have no idea what goes into creating a one-of-a-kind wedding stationery ensemble. I will try to make this an interesting multi-part series about creating a bespoke stationery wardrobe from save the dates to thank you notes.

From the Envelopments blog:

“Like good underwear, the invitation is the foundation of any successful event.”

It’s one of the focal points of your big day.  The stationery should reflect your style and personality.  But what happens when you can’t find what you want? It’s not that it doesn’t exist, it just hasn’t been created. Enter: the custom stationer.

Brides hire invitation designers to create bridal paper that is completely unique to them and their wedding. The bride exactly what she wants and she will be the only one have it. That is true luxury.

Invitations have, for years, been traditionally ordered from a catalog. So why go custom?

Q.     What is the difference between ordering online or via catalog vs. hiring a custom designer?
A.     Simply, exceptional service. The process usually starts by sitting down with the bride or the couple and just talking for a while. Outside of the basic when and where wedding info, the designer wants to get to know you: how you met, what you like, where you work and what you do in your spare time. I encourage my clients to bring magazine tearsheets, fabric swatches, inspiration boards… whatever they have that I can use to create a one-of-a-kind stationery ensemble.

Q.     Are custom invitations more expensive?
A.     Not necessarily. Because each wedding is unique, the cost of the stationery varies. Pricing is based on the materials used, the complexity of the finished design, the printing style, the quantity and a few other variables. With à deux, pricing for 100 letterpress or engraved invitations begins at $2,500, and flat-printed sets start at $900.

Q.     There are SO many invitation vendors. How should a bride choose “the best?”
A.     The wedding industry is a wild and weird place. From the dress to the flowers to the icing on the cakes, many brides get overwhelmed by the choices out there and, unfortunately, their stationery becomes an afterthought. The invitation to one of the most important events in your life shouldn’t come from a catalog. It should be personal and unique, and reflect the spirit of the event and the personalities of the couple. I want my couples to have something they would have created for themselves and something that makes their guests feel special and excited.

à deux only does wedding stationery. Many stationers also create invitations to corporate events, baby showers, anniversaries, etc.. Our focus is deliberate since I believe a true artisan does ONE THING really well.

Second, I believe the world is lacking in true luxury. That word used to describe truly special products that were crafted by hand with great care. Not anymore — the concept of “luxury” or “premium” products has been derailed by mass production and ridiculous prices. I try to create a truly quality product without breaking budgets.

If you decide to go custom, choose your stationery and the studio creating it based on what YOU want and what YOU like. Make sure to keep your budget in mind and and have a firm wedding date before your initial consultation.

Come back next week to find out more about what goes on at that consultation

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