I met the lovely Lisa Green of NYC’s Anderson Green Events recently and she suggested I do a blog series about how all of the pieces come together. Thanks, Lisa!

I admit that I sometimes take for granted the amount of information stored in my head about how to create the perfect wedding invitation. Most people have no idea what goes into creating something with such impact on an event. I will try to make this an interesting multi-part series about creating a bespoke stationery wardrobe from save the dates to thank you notes.

You’re getting married! The excitement for your wedding is growing every day. As tempting as it is to start thinking about how your two names look together on paper, there are a few things that have to be done first.

Before you’re ready to design your invitations, you will have to envision the event — everything from its overall style to its size to its season — in order to create the perfect wedding stationery wardrobe for you.

Found the perfect venue? Picked a date? Made your guest list? Once all of this has been crossed off your to-do list, then we can start creating your perfect wedding invitation suite. Why?

WHERE: The location of your weddings plays a vital role is the style of your event. The invitation for a wedding at a seaside manor would be very different for one in a beautiful old barn. The formality of the event also comes into play here. Black tie would be outlandish (if very unique) at a backyard cookout, right? The decor, location and size of the venue helps set the overall style foundation for the invitation.

WHEN: Are you getting married in the spring or in the fall? The colors and materials used in your and your attendants’ attire are dictated by the season. You probably wouldn’t want a cool-toned, wintry stationery ensemble if you’re getting married in July. Some colors and material choices are classic and can carry across multiple seasons. Just keep the spirit of the season in mind when thinking about options. And what time is your wedding? Early afternoon and evening seem to be the most popular.

WHO: How many people are you hoping will share your big day with you? 50 or 500? Each couple and family will get one invitation. Individuals and guests who are invited with a date also receive one each. So think about your guest list in terms of couples, families and individuals and there’s your number. Then add 25. It is always better to have a few extras since it is expensive to order reprints later. à deux’s minimum order is 100.

Pre-wedding paper is also a consideration. Are you sending out engagement announcements or save the dates? Do you want those to match the primary invitation? The earlier you engage your stationer, the better.

Come back next week for part 2: Why go custom?

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