I tried to make this an interesting multi-part series about creating a bespoke stationery wardrobe from save the dates to thank you notes. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a little something about what goes on behind the scenes at à deux.
Your wedding stationery is an extension of your personal style. There are probably thousands of ways you can express yourself through paper, design, ink, printing and style.

Although DIY is always an option, I believe wedding invitations and their accoutrements are best ordered from a professional stationer who has relationships with quality paper manufacturers, skilled printers and can offer you a full range of design choices.

You didn’t choose the love of your life from a catalog. Something as special as the invitation to your wedding shouldn’t come from one either. {insert shameless plug}

Each à deux creation is meticulously handcrafted just for you and no one else. Every piece is a work of art as exceptional as the couple it is designed for and as captivating as the celebration it announces. I can help you create something truly special.

{end plug}

Next up: more behind-the-scenes studio action as I relocate and bring the sexy paper action in house. Stay tuned!

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