SO by now you know that we like to post about colors and trends of the wedding world, but do you ever wonder what we reaalllyyy do here at the à deux studio? 🙂 We’d like to take you behind the scenes and show you our invitation production process.

To begin assembly, we need all the right components. This always includes the actual invitation and multiple layers of paper to “back” it with. If the couple also wants a pocket-fold envelope, ribbons, lace, or any extra accessories, we need those as well. Other tools we use are double-sided tape gun, scissors and hot glue (depending on the material).

Layering is often the most time consuming part of this process. If there are 150 invitations that all need 4 layers each, that can take almost two days to produce! Plus you have to think about the rsvp & travel cards; often those have layers, too. If the couple wants a pocket-envelope, those extra cards slide right in. If not, we usually secure all the pieces together with a belly band.


Once the invitations are done, the envelopes need tending to! We either print them all in-house or send them off to a calligrapher to get dolled up. Most couples these days like the look that liners give their envelopes, so this step is usually included in our process.

And with the two complete components – layered invite and lined envelope – comes stuffing, sealing & stamping. The announcements are then sent off to our lovely couples’ guests to enjoy.

On top of invitations, we also design and produce programs, escort and place cards, and table numbers to name a few. We love when our bride and groom’s wedding looks cohesive!

Thanks for looking a little deeper into our process; we hope this answers a few questions you had or sparks your interest even more! If you have any thoughts or questions, please leave them in the comment section below. Thanks!



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